Things To Consider For Your New Carport Or Patio Cover

Things To Consider For Your New Carport Or Patio Cover

We at Pacific Patio's Co. want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. That's why we find it important to consider a few things when making a decision.

Where do you plan to put the carport or patio cover?

Do you have a flat spot, with a clear space? How much maintenance will this space require to manage weeds, small animals, or falling debris from trees or other roofs? 

What are your long term plans?

Purchasing a cover can be a big investment, and it's something you want to have for many years to come. Even if the unit you are considering is big enough for your current needs, it's best to consider what you might want in the next year or two. Will you be upgrading your vehicle to something bigger? Maybe you're planning on buying new patio equipment such as a hot tub or fireplace next summer and need extra space? 

What type of weather do you experience?

Are there any adverse conditions such as snow or intense wind that you need to protect your vehicle or patio from? Make sure you purchase a unit with the proper strength. Portable carports can be great if you need to use it in multiple locations, but the plastic legs may not be strong enough to handle heavy snow loads. Conversely, a carport with a stainless steel frame can endure lots of weight, but might be excessive if you only need a shelter to protect your vehicle during the hottest summer months.